Any written estimate will be beaten by us. We are certain that our rates are lower than those offered by any comparable operator. We seek to keep our landfills free of needless waste materials as a licensed and insured Metal Scrap company that conducts a recycling-based operation.

As part of our service, Scrap Metal Windsor provides free estimates. Our trucks arrive on time and offer you a written estimate. If you’re satisfied with the estimate, we’ll usually transport your things awayimmediately.

A Few Points to Keep in Mind:

  1. We transport both large and small home objects, however, the prices range depending on a variety of factors
  2. Because load sizes vary, we provide several pricing options to suit different products.
  3. Our guaranteed price covers labor as well as any travel, transportation, and disposal expenses.
  4. When we collect goods for donation on your behalf, we provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.

For Heavier, High-Volume Loads:

Lifting some objects takes greater effort and equipment. As a result, large objects such as refrigerators, hot tubs, and construction waste are only transported in limited numbers. We price these products by volume since these cargoes are so hefty and our vehicles can only carry so much.

Unfair Markups:

Scrap metal removal is usually marked up 6-12 times when you obtain a “free” on-site quote. That implies gimmicks, hidden service charges, unjust disposal markups, sales commissions, marketing costs, and franchise fees are the majority of what you’re paying for. Our pricing policy ensures that you are not charged any additional or arbitrary costs.

Get Better Value for Your scrap metal:

Fair and honest pricing is something we believe in. Our skilled employees are compensated fairly, our operators are insured, and we appropriately price all the material that our customers bring in. We aim to recycle as much as possible from each project since this benefits our communities, neighborhoods, children, and the environment. You simply cannot match our pricing when it comes to cheap minimums, free quotes, and overall value in the scrap metal disposal market.

How we Charge:

Our scrap metal disposal charges are calculated based on three factors: metal type, weight, and volume. It is the most precise method of charging our clients, and it also allows us to factor in your products rather thanutilizing a generic calculation. Because we understand that every house, company, and circumstance is unique, we provide you with a fair and honest quotation before we collect your scrap metal. Due to the greater cost of products like refrigerators and freezers, there are often additional costs. in terms of repurposing these goods. Our scrap metal removal service strictly adheres to local and state regulations, and we properly dispose of scrap metal. These mandatory fees will always be quoted to you upfront, with no surprises at the end.

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