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Scrap copper is related with many different materials, along these lines making it habitually more efficient and more economical to take advantage of the contamination than endeavoring to eliminate the copper through refining.

Most particulars for bronzes and weapon metals require the presence of both lead and tin, which makes a few contaminations in scrap copper, ideal feedstock. Here, scrap copper is re-softened and cast to ingot for essential and chemical analysis before used in a foundry.

Preceding the broad accessibility of handheld, expository instruments were limited, now they are in abundance.

Scrap that is unadulterated/pure copper and free from undesirable contaminants can be sold at a greater price and result in higher-caliber and high-grade explicit items.

When scrap copper consists of just one combination structure, it is simpler for makers to re-melt for a decent quality item.

Copper recycling envelops a precise, quick, and straightforward testing procedure to decide the basic structure, and hence the evaluation, of the copper required.

With over 50 Years of combined industry knowledge and experience, we have established our company as one of Seven Hill’s leading suppliers of scrap copper, positioned to be a long-term sustainable supplier of on-time, on-budget solutions.

Our industry knowledge and experience is passed on from one generation to another and has evolved and grown over time as we’ve become more entrenched in the industry.

We’re proud of the legacy we’ve created at Metal Merchants Pty Ltd.

Our team continues to evolve and improve year after year. With changes in the industry occurring regularly, we’ve adopted new practices and customs to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve year after year. You can trust our experienced team to deliver incredible service on each and every job.

Our dedicated and loyal team of experienced traders are very well-equipped with the technological innovations in our industry. We believe in providing both accurate and important information on our services.

With an assortment of shipments and transportation arrangements, we are a full-administration accomplice who is one of Seven Hill’s premier processors, sellers, and recyclers of scrap materials.

We believe in increased recycling that results in a greener environment, achieved by living up to our responsibilities and experiences of our employees and customers.

From the littlest foundries to the biggest steelmakers, the best associations trust Metal Merchants.

Metal Merchants’s Recycling process for Scrap copper guarantees that Grade A quality has been created and will persevere through the afflictions of the application for which it is introduced.

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