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There are many different types of waste. Scrap metal is not always found in an isolated or pure form. At times it is combined with other metals for strength, and at others, it is part of a mechanism that uses other materials such as plastics and wood.  Because garbage collection agencies simply pick up all scrap without sorting, owners of the scrap get nothing in return. However, if you are looking to earn a bit of income with your scrap, we at Scrap Metal Windsor can help you. We can discuss details, but rest assured that we are experts at being able to recycle or dispose of it safely.

Scrap metal is a precious resource that can and should be recycled and transformed into something new. It should not be thrown out with your regular rubbish. Scrap metal recycling not only gives this scrap metal a second chance, but it also keeps items that can’t break down naturally, out of landfills, keeping the environment safe.

How do you properly dispose of scrap metal?

The best approach to dispose of metal scrap is determined by the type of metal. Aluminum and steel are commonly used to make small objects such as food and drink cans. You may either recycle these metals at home or bring them to Scrap Metal Windsor, where we will recycle them for you. Larger things made of other materials can also be sent to us. Of course, packing your scrap metal, bringing it to the yard, and maybe renting a truck or van is all part of the process.

We Offer Scrap Metal Pickup Near You:

If you were to transport the scrap metal in your car, you would risk causing harm to it along the route. Individual customers driving back and forth from a metal recycling center is similarly inefficient in terms of energy use. Scrap Metal Windsor understands this, which is why we provide scrap metal collection services for both your home and company.

We take up scrap metal from building sites, home improvement tasks, and so forth. Rather than becoming an eyesore while waiting to sell it at a scrap yard, have the metal parts removed promptly and effectively whenever it is convenient for you.

We have a large fleet of vans that will transport your scrap metal for you. Thanks to us, your metal waste will be recycled into new material in the most ecologically responsible manner possible.All you have to do is inform us where the scrap metal may be found. We’ll do all of the hard liftings and, where feasible, recycle to save your back, time, and provide you with peace of mind.

All you have to do is set up an appointment and show our staff the scrap metal you want them to collect.

Stay Safe and Call us, the Scrap Metal Experts:

Metal debris poses several risks to you and those around you. Carrying a hefty weight puts a lot of pressure on the body. Sharp edges and jagged ends may cause serious cuts and wounds, so why take the chance of injuring one of your staff or yourself?

Our certified and qualified scrap metal hauling crew has the equipment and expertise to do this work on your behalf. We are fully insured to safeguard you from any potential danger. We’ll transport the metal debris safely off your property and load it into one of our huge, heavy-duty vehicles. From pick-up to delivery, our scrap metal recycling service relieves you of this huge load.

What types of things do we recycle?

  • Items made of Iron, Steel, Copper,Aluminium, Brass, and Tin
  • Beams, cables, and other metal waste from construction
  • Plumbing fittings and other home remodeling debris
  • Any other unwanted metal junk

What types of scrap metals we can’t recycle?

Not every metal scrap item that is found in your home can be recycled. These are some of the metals:

  1. Lead, which may be found in old televisions’ cathode ray tubes.
  2. Plutonium and uranium are radioactive metals.
  3. Mercury is commonly present in fluorescent light bulbs.
  4. Paint and engine oils cans
  5. Cooking utensils

Propane gas tanks and automobile parts are no. 6 on the list.

This is because these metals are frequently treated with hazardous compounds that, if broken,might affect the soil and air. Make the call and relax!

Scrap metal recycling is sometimes a far more complex and risky operation than anticipated.

Call us when you need to get rid of scrap metal. All you have to do to use our services is to guide us to the location of the scrap metal. Our courteous, uniformed staff will do the rest.

Our expert scrap metal removal workers know how to get rid of your scrap metal safely and cost-effectively. And, as an environmentally conscious firm, we make every effort to recycle as much of your scrap metal as possible. Contact us to set up a scrap metal recycling appointment, and we’ll come to your house, company, or construction site to collect the metal.

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